This is a must watch the video to have a better understanding of White Hat SEO. This video will answer the most common question you might have about this topic.

White HAT SEO refers to good optimization practices, strategies, techniques, and principal to get traffic to a website. The proper writing of meta titles, meta descriptions, alt description of all images, link creation and description.

When creating a website a White HAT SEO webmaster would dedicate time to the following:

Site structure.
Site development.
Proper Organization.
Content Organization.
Written Content.
Image and Video.
Meta Information.

A good Webmaster would select a certain number of keywords, key phrases, and sentences. He or she might use an SEO analysis software, all kinds of SEO tools to get a good ranking result.

A  good Webmaster like google webmaster would make sure the content of the website is original, unique (not a copy and paste content), relevant to the industry and audience. Well written, easy to understand, good grammar and perfect spelling. All images should be edited and with their corresponding title and ALT description.

A good format that is easy to read is a must because if the content is easy to digest then it will also be easy to index by search engines. Every page should have a good mix of content, video, and pictures. It should be balanced.

The very first thing a google bot reads is the Meta Title, then the Meta Description, then moves to the body scanning the text, reads all the image tags and any element properly tagged with the appropriate keywords. Depending on the structure, format, and importance; it will index your page after it compares it with other pages.

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